Differential Thinking

Differential objectives

As we have our main over riding objectives and principles defined, our design criteria and objectives for the 4 cylinder diff should be straight forward.  However (don’t you just love it when someone says however) materials, tools and experience probably combine to make this an unique differential.

Tyres dictate diff height,  Diff dictates the chassis height somewhat, width and motor / gearbox layout dictate diff width decisions must be made in advance of other issues even being designed.

I have taken some initial ideas from an American chap Andrew Holt online articles and then taken my ideal rev range and selected diff ratio and tyre sizes.  This is at least a starting point.

This is my first shot at entering a post on line so bear with me as I make a few errors with the page and the 4 cylinder diff.

I have been busy laying some foundations for the build.  Having decided that the chassis will fit around the engine and to some degree the driver.  I drew up the differential on TurboCAD14 for Mac.  Then the new lathe was put to work.

As I made parts I also had to make tools.  In the pictures you will hopefully see a 600mm wide metal roller so I could roll the diff housing.  A home made spline shaper tool that fits into the lathe and a furnace to melt aluminium for the casting of light weight rear hubs.

I will show some of the products as they are being completed and assembled.

If you have any ideas how to make these parts better and in house, let me know your ideas.

Rollers for 3mm plate and up to 6mm bar
Gas bottle Furnace.
Sand mould for casting rear hub.
testing alternate text