Peace of mind come with knowing your gate will always operate due to our  gate automation repairs and servicing.

Prevent break downs and improve reliability.


Repair Services

Has your gate automation failed or is it getting slow and unreliable?

If you have a NICE or LIFE brand of gate automation we offer gate automation repairs.

Our main areas of expertise are the NICE Robus 400 or Robus 500HS sliding gate motor, the NICE Wingo 2024 or Wingo 3524 Swing gate motors.  We also service the LIFE sliding and swing gate motors which we have supplied and installed.

Whilst we are reluctant to repair motors installed by others, we do realise that sometimes those others are not available anymore to get you up and running again.

Lets be real though.  We do not provide free quotes for repairs because of the time involved traveling around Auckland.  See our maintenance and repairs contract and charges here      Service Contract


All Fence gate automation repairs

Service Request

Select the make of the motor if you know it.
Please give a brief explanation of fault.

Maintenance Service

Just like cars and any mechanical devise with moving parts, your gate needs maintenance to reliably perform at their best.

We offer this service to give you peace of mind that you won’t get trapped on the wrong side of the gate due to flat batteries, bugs in the system or lack of lubrication.

The maintenance service provides a yearly visit to refresh all remote and stand by batteries, clean out any insects or bugs that make their home inside the motors, lubricate the moving parts and locks.

We document all the variables like batteries so you have all the information about what has been done or may need attention in the future.

See the service options and charges here   Service Contract

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