Starter Kit, Life 24DL(24v) 300kg



The Starter Kit has the basic parts required to automate most residential gates with access being the key focus.  DIY Gate Automation Life can be simple.

The 24vDC motor provides reliability and strength for purpose.  The DC (direct current) motor allows for the safer power supply without digging trenches for cables under driveways or paths.  Using a transformer to deliver 24vAC allows for greater distances before the control unit converts the power to DC for the motor.

Smoother running and the nylon racks make the operations quieter for those quiet time operations.

The antenna increases the range for the remotes to activate operation so the gate is open wider before you arrive to drive through.

Magnetic limit switch ensures there are less openings for insects to gain entry to the motor.

DIY Gate Automation like the professionals.

Part # AC3RMDL/24v/ST


All Fence Ltd are based in Auckland and service the West Auckland region.  As engineers by trade, we offer other trade installers and DYI the ability to purchase “made to fit” gates.  Our gates fit and look like they were designed with the fence line.  No reason to buy gates that are too long, too short or stick over the top of the fence just because they were the only ones available off the shelf. 

If you have a sloping driveway to cross we can slope the bottom rails.  If you want the top to slope with the fence lines, we make the gate to match.  If you want cheap imported, bad fitting gates that make us laugh when we see them then go to TradeMe.

All Fence Ltd offer a measure and design service to make your life easier and more accurate.  We sell installation kits with all the track, wheels, nuts and bolts required to install your designed gate.  To complete our range we also import and supply the Life Home Integration brand of gate automation products.

Additional information

Additional Information

3 year factory warranty.