Nice Sliding Gate Motor. 500kg. High Speed


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Robus500HS (High Speed) Sliding gate motor has all the features and more of the very popular Robus400.  This high speed model will handle not only the heavier gates but also the larger residential gates on extreme slopes.

Made in Italy the quality is much higher than the cheap Chinese products flooding the market and the Robus500HS comes with a 24 month warranty.

230vAC supply voltage and 24vDC internal motor allows back up batteries for those unexpected power cuts out of your control.  These motor units can be run on 240cAC/24vAC transformers to safely supply the power but avoid having to dig deep trenches for power cables to meet NZ Electrical Regulations.

500kg gate maximum capacity on level ground but most residential gates would weight less than 200kg so this is will do the job

Mechanical limit switch for positive setting results.

Control unit already installed.

Before committing to any sliding gate motor on a slope you need to calculate the true theoretical weight of the inclined gate.  Guidelines for inclined gates and the Robus500HS Incline variables,

5mm/1m = 400kg

10mm/1m = 350kg,

15mm/1m = 300kg,

20mm/1m = 270kg.

It is highly recommended to use a gate brake greater inclines.

Part # RB500HS


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2 year warranty.

All mains power electrical connections must be carried out by qualified and registered electricians.