Swing Gates

Swing gate or gates are popular when you have the room for them to open without taking up valuable parking space. Or they are a necessity when you can’t install a sliding gate. Either way they still give you safety for pets and children plus security to keep unwanted animals and people out.

Whether you are a DIY or a Trade installer needing only one swing gate or many sets over time. All Fence are here to help you get it right and to get top results.

We don’t like seeing cheap gates being used that don’t fit correctly and don’t believe you or your customer should settle for substandard results.

All Fence will measure, design and manufacture your gate or you can supply the dimensions and we will make.

Swing Gate
Made to the customers specifications for their valued family member

Swing Gates for DIY and Installers

We make our own gates for several reasons.  Firstly, off the shelf (OTS) gates are made square and flat and unless you driveway and posts are dead flat and square any off the shelf gate will never look right or will have excessive gaps.  OTS gates are normally made in China and to compete are lower quality and thin materials.

Our swing gates in Auckland are made to fit the contours of your drive way, the tops and bottoms can be contoured to the land, flat or even terraced to compliment your fence.  If you have sloping drive ways we can design the rising hinges so the gate lifts up as it swings open.

Plus we make the gates out of thicker materials than most OTS gates.

Engineers by trade we design on CAD programs and build in house to ensure control over all manufacturing stages before we install.

In short our gates are all custom made to your requirements.

Swing Gate Pricing

Due to our gates all being made to fit your drive way or opening it is impossible to list prices here.

You can contact us to arrange a site meet up and discussion of your wants then we can give you a full quotation with no surprises.

Double Swing Gate Set
Double or Single Pipe Baluster Swing Gates
Slate Driveway Swing Gates
Bespoke Slat Swing Gates (automated)
Laminata Swing Gates
Rising, automated swing gates
Louvred Swing Gates
Louvred inserts in swing gates
pedestrian and driveway swing gates
Driveway and pedestrian gates with house cladding inserts.
Std Fence Palings
Standard wooden fence paling inserts.