Why is a 4 cylinder dragster featuring on a Fencing site?

When I started this page about a 4 cylinder dragster, I wanted to answer the question “Why should I read on?” for you.  If you are into motor racing, cars in general then certainly read on.  If you are into creative engineering and tinkering then read on.  If you are into leading rather than following then read on.

Personally as I have grown towards retirement I have become more aware of social changes that conflict with the values and the world I grew up in.  This page isn’t to bag or put down the next generations future nor is it to live in my generations past.  It is more about taking the most enjoyable parts of each and living in the present.

Born in the 60s’ I grew up in New Zealand, an isolated English colony that is ½ way around the world from anywhere.  It took 6 weeks for snail mail to arrive from England, the idea of picking up a telephone and ringing someone in England was simply out of financial consideration.  Machinery, cars and parts were difficult to obtain and we had to make do.  We were a nation of people that could repair anything with a piece of number 8 wire.  (8 gauge fencing wire)

The mid 70s’ as supply of parts started to open up we could get American engine parts, mostly 2nd hand OEM cast iron motors.  We would adapt what ever we could.  Cylinder heads had to be ported and polished, welded up when we went too far and ported again.  2 bolt blocks would be converted into 4 bolt mains.  Camshafts would be re ground with new profiles by machine shops that had the equipment.  Even had to buy 2nd hand pistons that were a size too big and have them machined down because waiting for supply from the USA could take months and we needed replacements before the next race meet.

Race cars and bodies were made in back yard garages with pipe benders and bruised knuckles.

Then came mid life, family and mortgages.  I know that many people choose to carry on with cars and racing but some of us made the choice to commit to the the family.

Well 30 years on and the world has changed.  Family has grown up, mortgage is paid we now have time and resources that we never had before.

I spent many years with my daughter in karting.  Time well spent, even if we were never competitive the life lessons learnt for child and father have been invaluable.  As retirement from the labour intensive fencing looms I believe that I must keep not only my mind active but driving those around me mad.

I decided to build a drag car.  So what you say?

Well I have no intention of spending our retirement fund on an ego tripping fantasies.  I also found in the karting seen there is no catering for the tinkerers that want to build things.  Looking at the drag racing again after 30 years I was saddened to find much of the sport has become assembly of imported parts.

Racing has taken leaps ahead with a proliferation of suppliers and parts,  knowledge is easily accessible,

People have taken a IQ retardation journey towards stupid with the loss of understanding how things work.

Monkey see Monkey do has always been around for thousands of years but now a 3rd element has evolved with monkey take video and share on FB

Join in my journey as I look to take an idea of creating not only a small ECO friendly (I am not a greenie nor vegan) 4 cylinder drag car from idea, through concept and design to actual racing.  

Ultimately the challenges building a 4 cylinder dragster will involve questioning established norms rather than fitting new Japanese or American parts for more horse power.  Rethinking of small issues where we can minimalise weight, reduce drag and friction therefore increasing the capacity for speed.

Part of life experiences have taught me that I don’t know everything, maybe I did when I was a teenager but reality soon sets you straight.

I look for feedback, ideas and discussions.  Do I care if someone else takes my ideas or designs and uses them for their own projects.  Not really, I would take this as a great compliment as “imitation is the greatest form of flattery”.

Would I like more than just ideas and discussions.  Of course I am open to donations of parts, time or even money but that is not my primary concern.  Positive fun, laughter and friendship is always welcome

Things that might be excluded which seem to me are just wasting precious resources would include idle social media comments, negativity or hatred.  You know the sort.  Irrelevant look at me or notice me comments that offer nothing to others will be excluded.

So climb on board, follow our progress, share our site links if you like the idea of following our challenge.  Even if you choose to never visit us again, I wish you the best in your life.

“Life will give you what you ask of it, ask not for a pennies worth,  as for the full pound”